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Looking for an Orangeville Dentist for Your Child?

Encouraging your children to brush their teeth, floss regularly and avoid sugary foods and drinks is essential for maintaining good oral hygiene. Additionally, annual or semi-annual checkups are highly recommended for children.

We, at Orangeville Smiles Dentistry, detect dental complications as early as possible to ensure maintaining a high oral health standard for children from infancy through their teen years.

Treatments that are offered at a pediatric dentistry may include:

  • Oral health exams for infants, kids, and teens
  • Counselling for bad habits (such as thumb sucking and pacifier use)
  • Early assessment and treatment for improper biting and uncharacteristic growth
  • Filling in tooth cavities
  • Cleaning teeth to completely remove plaque deposits
  • Recommending a proper diet that maintains healthy teeth and gums

What is the right age to start visiting the dentist?

Children should have their first dental examination when they reach the age of one. This is to get familiar with their dentist, dental office environment and various dental procedures. During these visits, the dentist will take a look at any growing teeth, and make sure the gums are healthy and not inflamed. Appointments may include a gentle cleaning and parental instruction on how to care for their children’s teeth.

The dentist will also give guidelines on nutritional intake. Additionally, your dentist will recommend how frequent the subsequent follow-up visits will be. This woul ddepend on the child’s dental condition and his or her reaction to the initial visit. However, regular checkups is usually scheduled at six-month intervals.

Preparing Your Child for the Dentist

Every parent wants to make their child’s first visit to the dentist a pleasant one. The best way to do this is to role-play; you can be the dentist, and your child can play the patient. What you do will depend upon what you anticipate the dentist will need to do. However, you should make it fun and exciting for them. Further, you should explain to your child the benefits of going to the dentist, emphasising on the positive aspects of oral hygiene as well as the value of a healthy smile.

Before you head off for your first dental appointment, make sure to carry your child’s favourite toy or blanket. This can provide a touch of familiarity and a lot of comfort to a young child in a new situation. Additionally, most pediatric dental offices have toys, and the décor is kid-friendly. So your child will most likely connect with the Dentist and have a pleasant time.

Consider bringing in your child for a checkup

If you are looking for pediatric dental care in Orangeville, ON, give us a call on (519) 941-1919 to book your appointment. Our dentists will look after your child’s oral health. We have invested in modern advanced dental equipment to ensure early detection of dental complications. We have created a warm and welcoming environment to ensure a comfortable visit for our patients. Our friendly and compassionate dental staff are always available and will comfort your children throughout their treatments. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Looking for a children dentist in Orangeville? Call (519) 941-1919 to book an appointment for your child.

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Looking for a children dentist in Orangeville? Call (519) 941-1919 to book an appointment for your child.

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